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Shanghai Shenda Kobond New Material Co.,LTD.


 Shanghai Shenda Kobond New Material Co.,LTD.




Company Profile:
Shanghai Shen Bao Dakota New Materials Co., Ltd., is a large state-owned holding listed shares of investment companies SHENDA formation. Production base is located in Shanghai Pudong, an investment of over 150 million yuan. The company passed the ISO9001 international management system certification for high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, is China's leading manufacturer of polymer coating materials and vendors.

Companies from Germany set to introduce the world's most advanced hot melt coating and surface treatment production line can produce a variety of width 2.5-3.3 m in PVC, TPO and other raw materials for coating products, such as truck tarpaulin, tent fabric, construction with the membrane, waterproof material, can be widely used in water, defense, construction, transportation, family and many other fields.

Shanghai Shenda Kobond New Material Co.,LTD invested by large state-owned company Shenda Group. Located in Pudong,Shanghai, the first investment in excess of RMB 150 million,second investment in excess of RMB 80 million. With certification ISO9001, Kobond is a Shanghai high-tech company and a leading coating high molecula synthetic fabric manufacturer and seller in China.

Kobond introduce the whole set hot-melt coating and surface treating production line from Germany, and can produce different types of coating flex made from PVC, TPO, TPU etc, with the breadth 3.5m. The applications can be, tarpaulin, tent, structure membrane, water-proofing materials, etc. The product can be widely used in areas of irrigation works, national defense, architecture, transport and family etc.

Shanghai Shenda Kobond Product Categories:
Biogas Membrane
Structure Membrane
Water-proofing Membrane
Rolling Door

Visit Shanghai Shenda Kobond New Material Co.,LTD. at: 联系我们
No.777, Shangfeng RD, Tang Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China


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