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TGSM – led display rental, video screen for rent

Techfront Global Solutions Management GMBH

About Techfront Global Solutions Management GMBH:
Techfront Global Solutions Management Gmbh is part of the Techfront group, acting as a division of logistics, marketing and sales in Europe. TGSM was founded with the purpose of business expansion in Europe for Tecfront group.

Techfront Global Solutions Management Gmbh is one of global leaders in rental and sales of LED screens for sport events, concerts, etc. We offer complete digital solutions for Football, Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Handball, and many more.Each solution takes into account the specifics of each sport. Over time we have developed software solutions for any type of sporting event.

With have research center in Shenzhen, China where we develop solutions that meet the demands of broadcast media.

Techfront spread across multiple continent. This is due to production and professional logistics facilities. We can handle any type of sporting competition in the world with events held simultaneously on the same day in many countries. Equipment quantity may increase depending on the event from 32 squared meter to thousands of meters.

Techfront is the worldwide leader in Cricket and is the Official LED Digital Systems provider (Giant Replay Screens, Ground Systems & Electronic Scoreboard) for International Cricket Council, Board of Control for Cricket in India, Pakistan Cricket Board, Sri Lanka Cricket, Malaysian Cricket Association, Abu Dhabi Cricket Association, Bangladesh Cricket Board and for Broadcasters ESPN, ZEE, Srilanka Roopavahini.

Techfront also offers LED solutions for malls, concerts, outdoor video screens for proper advertising, TV studios, private events. Teams of technicians are prepared to cover any demands in terms of events where video screens are required.

Despre noi:
led screen for concerts to rent TGSM – Techfront Global Solutions Management – este parte a grupului Techfront, actionand ca divizie de logistica, marketing si vanzari in Europa. TGSM a fost infiintata cu scopul extinderii activitatii Tecfront in Europa

La nivel mondial Techfront este unul dintre liderii in solutii de inchiriere si vanzare ecrane video cu led pentru evenimente sportive si concerte. Suntem specializati in solutii digitale interactive pentru Fotbal, Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby, Tenis, Hokey, Golf, Atletism, Competitii auto, Polo. Fiecare solutie oferita tine cont de specificul fiecarui sport. De-a lungul timpului am dezvoltat solutii soft pentru orice tip de eveniment sportiv.

Cu ajutorul centrului de cercetare deschis in Shenzhen – China, dezvoltam solutii care sa faca fata cerintelor media si de transmisie tv tot mai ridicate.

Techfront datorita, facilitatilor de productie si a logisticii profesionale raspandita pe mai multe continete poate face fata oricarui tip de competitie sportiva la nivel mondial cu evenimente desfasurate simultan in aceasi zi in mai multe tari. Disponibiliatile de echipament pot creste in functie de eveniment de la 32 la mii de metri de led.
Techfront este lider mondial pentru solutiile oferite in Cricket si este provider oficaila de solutii led pentru International Cricket Council, federatii de cricket din India, Pakistan, srilanka, Abu Dhabim Bangladesh.

De asemenea Techfront ofera solutii led pentru MAll-uri, concerte, ecranve video pentu reclama stradala, studiouri tv, evenimente private. Echipele de tehnicieni sunt pregatite sa acopere cele me exigente cerinte in materie de evenimente unde sunt necesare ecrane video.

Rental services:
We are renting huge led wall for indoor and outdoor concerts. Techfront have solutions for stadiums, score boards, advertising led perimeter. We can cover any kind of sport competition like: tenis, football, handball, basketball, waterpolo, rugby. Our high standard solutions, due to their high refresh rate will look fantastic in any live tv transmission.

Ecrane de inchiriat:
Inchirieri ecrane cu leduri pentru orice tip de activitate indoor si outdoor. Techfront inchiriaza si opereaza pentru clientii sai o gama variata de ecrane video pentru evenimente sportive, concerte, studiouri tv, etc. Toate echipamentele sunt realizate la standarde ridicate, care sa faca fata oricaror cerinte. Cu un refresh rate ridicat filmele vor fi redate impecabil inclusiv in modul ultra slow motion

Visit Techfront Global Solutions Management GMBH at:
Ratthausstrasse Baar Zug Switzerland
Turner Butler - we sell businesses

 Turner Butler

About us:
What's in it for Turner Butler?
Our philosophy is simple: we do not expect any payment in advance for our services or to support the substantial investment we make every day on your behalf.

We will outlay our resources and effort in return for your commitment to work exclusively with us.

With 39 years of wide-ranging experience in business sales Turner Butler offers you a professional service which is confidential, comprehensive, personal and friendly.

Confidentially, using our extensive market knowledge, advertising and research, we will introduce your prospective buyers and will work one to one with you, managing all aspects of the sale, with an approach aimed at maximizing your sale value.

We employ experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure you will receive the maximum value for your business.

Selling your business is the most important event of your business life.

Turner Butler services include:
* Advice on pre-sale planning
* Free business valuation
* Preparation of the Sales Memorandum describing your business
* Proactive, confidential advertising and marketing, in the national press, specialist trade publications and national and international websites.
* We save you time - Turner Butler find and deal with prospective buyers for you. This means that you can concentrate on running your business.
* Turner Butler deal with selling businesses every day, getting the maximum value for you, marketing your business and handling negotiations.

There are many reasons for you to choose the Turner Butler team to sell your Business:
We act confidentially; you don't want your staff, competitors, suppliers or bankers to know that your Business is for sale.
We save you time - Turner Butler find and deal with prospective buyers for you. This means that you can concentrate on running your business.
Turner Butler deal with selling businesses every day, getting the maximum value for you, marketing your business and handling negotiations.
How do Turner Butler services work?

Turner Butler’s process is as follows:
1. Decision by you to sell
2. Free valuation meeting with Turner Butler
3. Turner Butler researches and gathers the information on your Business
4. Turner Butler is instructed to sell your Business for its maximum value
5. Turner Butler deals with any issues identified for action
6. Sales Memorandum prepared by Turner Butler and approved by you.
7. Turner Butler advertises your business confidentially for sale
8. Turner Butler undertakes database research to locate, approach and qualify targeted purchasers
9. Confidentiality agreements secured with prospective purchasers
10. Turner Butler notifies you of interest from prospective purchasers and arranges a discreet visit
11. Turner Butler handles the sale negotiations
12. You appoint your legal representative
13. You accept the successful offer
14. Heads of Agreement are drawn up by Turner Butler
15. Purchaser undertakes Due Diligence
16. Solicitors deal with the Sale & Purchase Agreement
17. Successful completion of the sale


Visit Us at:
2-4 High Road, Ickenham Middlesex United Kingdom
Sign-Mart – Sign Supplies and Sign Making Supplies


About Sign-Mart:
In the year 1978, Sign-Mart opened its doors in a small store on a not so major street in the city of orange, in the County of Orange in Southern California. If this does not give you an idea of where we are located, let me offer you some familiar landmarks. Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, is only 15-minutes west from Sign-Mart’s Orange location. Famous Newport Beach is 20 minutes away, Los Angeles is 30 minutes north and San Diego is 45 minutes south. In other words, we are in the middle of everything. Within 1 hour plus or minus 30 minutes from Sign-Mart, you can be surfing, snow skiing, desert motorcycling or (now, if you have a passport) carousing in Tijuana.

Until 1978 I had never been in the sign business, I had never had a brush in my hand nor was I able to layout anything except maybe in the sun. When we started up I was the sales staff and my partner, at the time, was a real life sign painter. He taught our only employee how to layout, design and brush paint banners. Luckily, Scott, our young employee, was not only very talented, but a very fast learner. Scott is now part owner of Sign-Mart and continues to amaze us with his diverse talents and skills. I have continued to handle sales, marketing and the financial aspects of Sign-Mart. Between the two of us and the great employees we have had and continue to have, Sign-Mart continues to advance and grow.

Originally Sign-Mart opened as a retail sign shop. Our main product was hand painted vinyl banners and signs. Our sales counter was about 8 feet long and we had a small section in front of the counter displaying retail stock signs (pre-made) and flags. My intension was to present Sign-Mart, a retail sign shop, as a normal business rather than a “cottage type business”. I wanted our customers to feel comfortable with our products and pricing. Well, they did and by 1985 we had 10 sign painters on staff, sewed our own blank banners, began screen printing signs as well as banners and expanded the retail area of the shop.

1986 was an important year, we attended our first national sign convention. It was held in New Orleans. The convention room was very small… maybe 2000 square feet and had only 4 aisles of displays. Most of the displays were for electrical signs and in the middle of one of the aisles was a crowd of people, around a booth. I wandered over to see what was going on. The crowd was two or three people deep so I could only hear a strange mechanical noise that was coming from something in front of the crowd. So, I politely made my way forward and to my amazement I was face to face with a little machine known as the Gerber 3B. At that moment I realized how Edison must have felt when his first light bulb lit up. I saw the light, only this time it was the light of the future! This machine could turn even me into a sign painter! So, for the price of $6000 I immediately purchased Sign-Mart’s first Gerber 3B. Come to think of it, the Gerber 3B was our first computerized production machine.

By 1987, we had 3 or 4 Gerber 3B’s running and cutting vinyl letters all day long. Sign-Mart’s next equipment purchase soon followed; a 5’x7’ Aristographics flat bed plotter with Signus software. What a machine! If was fast and accurate with 48” wide cutting capability plus all kinds of amazing graphic features. Scott went through the Aristo training and quickly became an expert. Scott and I both realized the significance of this Aristo Plotter for Sign-Marts future. Within a year or so, Sign-Mart setup a 600 watt LMI laser for acrylic cutting and an Ingersoll Rand Water jet for metal and stone cutting. We also added a Dalgreen Engraver. All of these new machines were computer driven and gave us the ability to produce high quality graphics economically. The computer technology revolution had finally reached the sign industry and we were part of it!

During this time Sign-Mart continued to grow and expanded to almost 10,000 square feet. The multi unit building we occupied was now all Sign-Mart except for one small corner unit. The retail section was also growing. It was now 1000 square feet with several aisles of products. We added displays to the walls and standup samples out on the floor. We were selling plastic display products, real estate supplies, U.S. flags, pre-made signs and decals. Our customer base was mainly retail but Sign-Mart had begun to develop a small but loyal wholesale sign trade with blank banners, laser cutting, acrylic letters, screen printing and water jet cutting. Little did I realize that the wholesale business these other sign shops were bringing to us would lead Sign-Mart into a totally different direction within a few years.

As the laser and water jet business grew our need for more cost control and availability of our plastic inventory lead us to open Plastics Plus. This new company was located about a mile away from the Sign-Mart building and distributed acrylic and plastic sheets in all sizes, thicknesses and colors. As time went on we added other products such as: styrene, foam, steel and aluminum substrates.

A couple of years flew by and Sign-Mart had now out grown the initial building that we had occupied. We started the search for bigger and better location to call home. This was no easy task! Everything we were coming across was too expensive. My real estate agent suggested that I remain patient and something would come up. Almost a year later, Hank, my agent finally called me and told me of a building that we had previously looked at, only now, the owner was really “motivated” to sell. The building was located on Fletcher Street in Orange. I was able to get a 30% reduction on the price of the building and Sign-Mart and Plastics Plus had a new home. It was huge, or so we thought, it was a whole 30,000 square feet. It was all ours, our own building. It was a great feeling and a relief to no longer have a landlord to deal with. Whatever it takes… If you can swing it buy your own building!!

As we settled in to our new home, other changes occurred at Sign-Mart. We became an exclusively wholesale sign and supply business. This included: fabrication, products and supplies to the resale sign trade. So, from our new 30,000 square foot home we no longer serviced the retail end of the sign trade. All of our services quickly expanded and within 10 years our growth was amazing. We had merged Sign-Mart and Plastics Plus in the same building. We started our delivery service and soon we had several vans and trucks delivering substrates, blank banners, screen printing, laser cutting, vinyl, sign supplies, digital printing, dimensional lettering, engraving and anything else we sold. Our showroom also expanded not only in size but in products as well. Even though we offered a delivery service many of our customers would drive to our location in Orange from all over Southern California. To pick up their supplies, talk about sign jobs and check out the sign products, tools and materials displayed in our showroom.

Sales began increasing and so did our payroll! By the turn of the century Sign-Mart had been in business a little over twenty years and had increased its business every year. In fact every month was better then the same month from the previous year. Twenty years of continuous growth… Not bad! By the end of 2001 we had acquired 2 more small buildings. We used one for our plastic fabrication and the other for general storage.

After moving into Fletcher in 1993, Scott and I had sworn that Sign-Mart would never move again, well I was about to eat those words! Once again we had out grown our building. In 2002 we sold all three buildings and bought one super sized old building. The building was in an older part of town but still in Orange. The “New” old building is 84,000 square feet and was originally completed in the early 1960’s. Our new building was originally home for a hemp rope manufacturer, for the first 20 years and then a wood working facility until Sign-mart’s purchase in 2002.

Our current building is 84,000 square feet and boy is it big, lots of space. I ride a bicycle all over the building to save time and keep an eye on things. We now have about 90 employees, 10 delivery trucks and thousands of customers all over the United States and beyond. We have 80,000 square feet of fabricating equipment, pallet racks filled with raw materials and inventory. Along with all of the warehouse and fabrication space, we also have a great new showroom. It is 4,000 square feet with an 80 foot sales counter. Check out the video tour of our building. It’s on our home page. The new building is a perfect fit. We are truly in a place that helps us facilitate our customer’s needs.

We do everything as before only bigger and better! We are proud of the, Sign-Mart name and our reputation! Our mission statement, we want to be your Best Single Source for supplies, fabrication, services and advice, has always been and will continue to be what Sign-Mart is all about. I invite you to visit us when your in town and enjoy a personal tour of our facility. It is educational as well as fun! It is a great opportunity to see screen printing, laser cutting, dye sublimation printing, digital printing, dimensional letter production, plastic fabrication, ADA engraving and much, much more. All under the Sign-Mart roof!

Lastly, I want to thank all of our customers… whether you are a long time loyal customer or just beginning with Sign-Mart. Your business is very much appreciated, as are your opinions and suggestions. All the Sign-Mart family wishes you good health and prosperity!
All the best!
Gene Sobel


Services at Sign-Mart:
Sign-mart specials
Premier retail distributors
* Sign-Mart is a wholesale supplier only.



Visit Sign-Mart at:
640 N.Cypress St. Orange, California USA

 Palm Trade Chile Limitada

Palm Trade Chile es una empresa de comercio y trading a nivel global y operador de clase mundial con más de 10 años de experiencia en el mercado, que se ha enfocado en la comercialización de productos forestales, alimentos y recursos naturales.

Buscamos la excelencia operacional con especial orientación a los clientes. Nuestras capacidades críticas están en la administración de procesos, que implica asegurar el cumplimiento de los pedidos y compromisos comerciales, con seguimiento y post venta con todas sus singularidades.

Hoy comerciamos directamente con compañías de China, Uruguay, Brasil, Paraguay, México, Australia, Holanda, Alemania, Inglaterra, Irlanda y Estados Unidos, entre otros.

Además, exportamos vinos desde Argentina a Estados Unidos y Rusia, somos socios en una planta de productos forestales en Paraguay desde donde exportamos a la región, y poseemos una filial especializada en compra de productos en Asia para el mercado latinoamericano.

We specialize in accessing the sources of global supply of forest products, building materials, food and natural resources, with a strong emphasis on process management and logistics costs.

Our flexibility and agility to focus and develop new business and a deep knowledge of the industries in which we operate allows us to provide operational excellence focused on customers, suppliers and processes.

Be the best Chilean trading company and international trade.

To be a world class operator with special focus on customers and processes, with focus on the control of management and business strategy and focus on results.

Principles and Values of Palm Trade Chile Limitada
Being a benchmark organization in our markets.
To create value for our stakeholders.
Maintain sustainable growth.
Customer Orientation
operational Excellence
Rely on efficiency, innovation and a strong culture of execution
Be transparent in our actions and management.

Somos especialistas en acceder a las fuentes de abastecimiento mundial de productos forestales, materiales de construcción, alimentos y recursos naturales, con un fuerte énfasis en la gestión de procesos y costos logísticos.

La estructura de administración de nuestra matriz ubicada en Santiago de Chile, unida a una estricta política de crédito, disponibilidad financiera y deuda cero, nos permiten generar operaciones eficientes y eficaces que nos han permitido construir una sólida base de confianza con nuestros clientes y accionistas.

Nuestra flexibilidad y agilidad para enfocar y desarrollar nuevos negocios y un profundo conocimiento de las industrias en las que operamos, nos permiten ofrecer una excelencia operativa centrada en los clientes, proveedores y procesos.

Ser la mejor empresa chilena de trading y comercio internacional.

Ser un operador de clase mundial con especial orientación a los clientes y los procesos, con el foco en el control de gestión y la estrategia de negocios y énfasis en los resultados.

Principios y Valores:
Ser una organización de referencia en nuestros mercados.
Crear valor para nuestros públicos objetivos.
Mantener un crecimiento sostenible.
Orientación al cliente
Excelencia operacional
Basarnos en la eficiencia, innovación y una sólida cultura de ejecución
Ser transparentes en nuestra actuación y gestión.
Trabajo en equipo

En productos forestales comercializamos principalmente materiales de construcción como tableros de madera, madera aserrada y remanufacturas, tales como molduras, tableros encolados y /o alistonados ( finger joint) , Maderas para puertas , etc.

En el área de alimentos, tenemos presencia en el mercado del aceite de oliva, jugos, centolla, vinos y productos del mar.

Recursos Naturales
En el área de productos naturales comercializamos principalmente lana y representamos en Chile al principal comprador chino de este producto.

Nosotros somos una compañía global, y como tal, buscamos desarrollar el negocio de la lana en toda su capacidad, apoyando a los productores y desarrollando nuevos mercados, para lo que hay que invertir.

Hoy como agentes compradores para SCDIC, la principal compañía China compradora de lana, compramos directamente para ellos y no especulamos con el producto. China es el mayor comprador de lana en el mundo y mueve los precios de la bolsa de Australia. SDCI es el operador más grande de Chile, y en el mundo compra alrededor de 40 millones de kilos.

Visit Palm Trade Chile Limitada at:
Av. Presidente Kennedy 5146, Off. 51 Santiago Chile


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