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Newline Games

Despre linie nouă jocuri de grup
Suntem o societate comerciala cu operare atat in tara, cat si in afara acesteia, suntem gata oricand sa raspundem oricarei provocari, oferim o gama foarte variata de produse si servicii pentru toate echipamentele novomatic, service, upgrade-uri pentru orice versiune, imbunatatiri ale procentajului, etc. Vindem sau inchiriem echipamente novomatic, iar pentru societatiile care detin licenta de operator, va stam la dispozitie cu service pentru acceptoarele cash flow si jcm.

About Newline Games Group:
We are a trading company operating in the country, and beyond, we are always ready to answer any challenge, we offer a wide range of products and services for all equipment Novomatic, service, upgrades to any version of the percentage improvements etc.. Sell ​​or rent equipment Novomatic, and the company licensed to the operator, we will provide the service for acceptors and jcm cash flow.


Newline Games Products:
Offer Newline Games
To view products on offer Newline Games, please browse the menu on the right.
Sales devices
Rental equipment fixed rent
Sales basic components
Touch-Screen Monitors
Sales SIM memory
Sales buttons or LED light bulbs (White / Blue)
Sales acceptor JCM cash flow or
Choose one of the product from the menu on the right to see more details.

Oferta Newline Games:
Pentru a vizualiza produsele din oferta Newline Games, va rugam sa navigati in meniul din dreapta.
Vânzări aparate
Închirieri aparate cu chirie fixă
Vânzări componente de bază
Monitoare Touch-Screen
Vânzări memorii SIM
Vânzări butoane, becuri obișnuite sau led (alb/albastru)
Vânzări acceptoare CASH-FLOW sau JCM
Alegeti unul din produsul din meniul din partea dreaptă pentru a vedea mai multe detalii.
Newline Services GAMES
We provide the following services:
Novomatic original service software upgrade
Service overhaul games
Repairs: calibration / resoftare
Service Equipment
Service Monitors
Service Accept
I can change in
Coolfire Coolfire I +
For any of the above services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Servicii Newline Games
Prestăm următoarele servicii:
service upgrade soft original novomatic
service reconditionare jocuri
reparatii: calibrare/resoftare
service aparate
service monitoare
service acceptoare
posibilitate schimbare coolfire i în coolfire I+

Visit Newline Games at:
Localitatea Fizesu Gherlii nr. 98, judetul Cluj, Romania


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