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Hezron international

Hezron international

Hezron international is a distributors of Beverages and Juices. We endeavor to provide the best products from the source.
Our emphasis is on quality, taste and superior service. Our line of juices range from mango juice, Orange, mango carrot, mango passion, papaya, strawberry kiwi, Peach, Pear, Strawberry Banana
Our line of juices are blended and packaged here in Canada and Guatemala.

Our main clients are based in USA, Canada, Caribbean, Middle East and Africa. prides itself in bringing only the highest quality products to the market.

Since 2000, we've consistently brought new and exciting beverages to the specialty retail and gourmet food industries.

If you are a retailer looking to expand your offerings in the ready-to-drink segment, be sure to contact us today. We have excellent pricing and incentives


Hezron international Products:
Tropik Splash Brand Juice
Coffee & Chai Cappuccino
Ywater; An organic certified functional water, for kids:
Ywater comes in four different flavors, with four different functions. There are Bone water - beneficial for their bones and teeth, Muscle water - beneficial for their heart, Brain water - beneficial for their brain, and Immune water - beneficial for their immune system.
Our aim is not just to market the product to build/grow the brand of Ywater, but also to "educate" mom's in the value of the drinks - Health benefits, rather than kids drinking soda or high sugar content fruit drinks. Our vision is that kids will have Ywater for their lunch boxes, Ywater is the perfect beverage for schools.
Ywater just recently got approved for its natural ingredients to be sold in Whole Foods. It is currently sold in Whole Foods, Shoprite and Gelsons in the US

Hezron international prides itself in offering the highest quality juices in the market.
We consistently work with our suppliers to provide the best quality juice to suit every segment in the market.
Please sample any of our Tropik Splash flavors and see for yourself why we are different!

Fruit Punch
Mango Carrot
Mango Passion
Orange Carrot
Mango Papaya
Pineapple Ginger
Strawberry Banana
Sorrel Ginger
Pineapple Coconut

Visit Hezron international at:
1-169 Elm Ridge Drive, Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Bayas Del Sur.

 Bayas Del Sur

About Bayas Del Sur:
We operate one of South America´s most versatile juice concentration plants. We process Berries down to correlative batches of 6.000 liters, making it possible to develop specialty preparations for any imaginable product. On request, we can also deliver spray-dried products.

At Bayas Del Sur, people and equipment work in harmony with nature to comply with highest international standards and process our fruit to excellent juice concentrates.
We are located in Northern Patagonia , at 40’55″ S 73’10″W, near Osorno, 950 km south of the Chilean Capital of Santiago.
Southern Chile is virtually free of environmental contamination.
To the west, the Pacific Ocean expands more than 3000 miles. To the east, the Andes Mountains form a natural barrier. The central valley between these natural frontiers has a cool temperate humid climate and is perfect for year-round farming. Especially berries and vegetables yield excellent results.
The “Región de Los Lagos” has a population density of only about 15 habitants per square kilometer.

Bayas Del Sur Products:
Juice Concentrates
Maqui: The Patagonia Superfruit
Patagonol is the world´s first Maqui Juice Concentrate widely available for the nutraceuticals industry. It comes as liquid Maquiberry Juice concentrate or Maqui Powder Extract – Seedless and Seed-containing, freeze-dried on site.
Maqui Berries fom Chile are premier choice when you are developing High ORAC products. Maqui-powder extracts are well suited for capsules and vitamin combos and are a highly active ingredient in nutrition supplements.
Liquid Maqui concentrates are ideal when you want Color, antioxidants and overall health benefits.


Visit Bayas Del Sur at:
Ruta 5 Sur km 950, Purranque, Chile


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