We Are Green. Are You?

green   Here At D4Directory We Are Green. 

(D4Directory is green) 

Here at D4Directory, we make conscious effort to provide energy-efficient services to our clients. In fact, from day one we established ourselves as a Green Company. Yes! We are green.

We attempt to achieve this in three areas; we use little paper for communication around the globe, we create this Directory so as to encourage both businesses and individuals to work with us to reduce our “Carbon Footprint”. However, the most important of all is the way we conduct our business through our practices and our equipment. For our work and our web hosting company where this Directory resides we use the state of the art equipment in order to neutralize our carbon foodprint as much as we can. Yes! We are green.

We are aware and publicly committed to this planet. We strongly believe we must do our share to keep this planet sustainable, clean and healthy not only for us but for future generations to come. We feel it’s our corporate responsibility to work with environmental conscious companies in the field of WWW. Therefore, we’ve purchased energy efficient computers to use some 40% less electricity.

According to research;
Data centres take 4% of the world’s electricity.
Global warming is a concern for more than 90% of people.
Going green costs 31% more than using electricity.

Why Green?
In North America, due to utilization of oil, coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels we create more than 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. Corporations consume approximately 50% of energy! Knowing these, being Green is both a corporate responsibility as well as a social and environmental responsibility alike.

We are Green. Are you Green?
Do you support businesses that use renewable electricity?
You may think “what difference can I really make?”

A business owner, an employer, a man or a woman whoever one labels himself does not change the fact that one is also a citizen of this planet who consumer energy, buy or sell energy related products and energy related services. Every kilowatt hour of power that you use, including running your website(s)! has an effect on the rest of the world. The electricity you or the businesses you own can either increase (if nonrenewable electricity is used) or reduce (if renewable electricity is used) your carbon foodprint. Yes! We are green.

You have a lot of power!
Go Green!
Use and promote Green related products and companies such as us!

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