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plan  What are Our Plans and their Prices here at D4Directory?

D4directory plan and prices

We offer an extended and a very large web page in three Plans in our Directory:
Economy Plan: This is a one-year plan that comes with 3 extra FREE months for the total of 15 months.
Popular Plan: This is a two-year plan that comes with 6 extra FREE months for the total of 30 months.
Professional Plan: This is a three-year plan that comes with 9 extra FREE months for the total of 45 months.

What is included in a Plan?
The page includes the following options:
* A large area for text, business information and explanations, contact info. Relevant web site and email can be included. The texts can be in different languages, fonts, colors, and sizes.
* An interactive Google map,
* Your page will be under one specific category and or subcategory for easy search,
You also receive the following four FREE features(all optional);
* A FREE personalized “permalink”. You may choose your permalink wording for your page,
* A FREE quarter, mid or three quarter of year extension,
* FREE addition of three small images,
* FREE addition of relevant web site(s) and email(s),

Please note (NO direct access is available to clients): 
Registered clients must provide us with the content of their pages.
Text: You must provide us with minimum 300 words of explanation of your site. The text can be in two languages but one must be English. 
Images: You must send us at least one small image (i.e logo), up to three images may be accepted.
Texts and images must be directly related to the business or will be rejected.

Register with us:
By registering for one of the following Plans; your choice and voluntary, YOU have read, abode and agreed by our “Terms & Conditions” and “privacy Policy”.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund is provided for which ever date comes first. If no. 1. Canceled within THREE (3) days after the page is available online or no. 2. within FIVE (5) days after payment. On both cases email notification must be sent for this purpose. Email time in not relevant. No refund is provided if canceled after one of the dates mentioned above.

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